A therapy originating from Japanese medicine, the word ‘shiatsu’ means finger pressure.

Shiatsu espouses a holistic approach to therapy that recognizes that parts of our body are affected by and affect the channels of energy flowing throughout our body. An imbalanced and blocked flow of energy leads to headaches, fatigue, backaches, digestive problems, excessive menstrual pain and more. Shiatsu corrects imbalances and unblocks the flow of energy to restore essential vitality and physical harmony.

Shiatsu is performed by applying pressure using hands, fingers, elbows, and knees over most of your body while you are fully dressed.

Shiatsu therapy is soothing, releases negative energy and calms you, alleviates muscle tension and cramps, restores inner balance, boosts your energy levels, solves various physical problems and unblocks your flow of vitality.

* Since Shiatsu achieves results safely and gradually, a series of treatments is recommended to achieve maximum relief from a variety of ailments, including orthopedic problems, inflammation, herniated discs and problems in the digestive and respiratory tracks, skin problems, migraines, gynecological problems, psychological and emotional distress and more.

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